Jess (mokarran) wrote in artsnarry,

Two Old Drawings, More Soon

Let's put some more life into artsnarry!

I finally have my website up, so now I can post some of my older fanart to this community... I had hoped to make some new stuff to add along with these, but a larger piece has all of my attention at the moment, so I guess it will wait a little while...

Rating: both are about PG, PG-13.
Warnings: naked torso in the second one, nothing too bad, I don't think..
Summary: old artwork! both are slightly fluffy :/ I will remedy this next time.

A winter scene

"Sublimation and Rebirth"

Sorry to those of you who've seen these before... More to come soon, I hope

Keep on drawing/painting/making that snarry art!

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