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artsnarry's Journal

The Snarry art collection
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Welcome to artsnarry. (:

The rules:
I. No unconstructive criticism please.

II. When you post artwork, you should head your posts with this info, along with whatever else you want, like medium and title and notes. This is required though:


III. If you work has something really disturbing, something that reveals anything marked as 'Private' by the public, or revealing sexual situations, you should hide it behind a link or a cut. If not you'll have until I see it to do so; at that point I'll delete the post along with its comments to help you remember. No hard feelings, but this method seems to work.

Please abide by them, or the consequences may very from a casual warning to banning.

I hope you all enjoy artsnarry!-and don't forget to tell your perverted friends about us, we'd love their company.